Online table reservation system for restaurants

The project represents an online service for table reservation in restaurants through an easy visual way. Users can see the exact table placement in a restaurant and avaialbility of each table for a specified time and date with accompanying information about the table. Such additional services like a possibility to make a pre-order and to pay it with a credit card are also implemented here. Users can login via Facebook or social accounts and invite their friends to join them. It has multilingual funtionality and IP detection to determine the city of a user automatically. In addition to all there is a possibility to integrate a module for a restaurant’s website which can be easily installed on any platform because of JavaScript implementation.

2d/3D Rendering of restaurants is done by our team on an ongoing basis.


Skills: PHP, Phyton, , JavaScript, HTML/CSS, 2D/3D rendering, Payment Gateways integration, SMS Gateways integration, Emails Marketing service integration, Browsers push messages integration.
Tools: 3Ds Max, Laravel/Lumen, Django Framework, PostFix.
Duration: 1 year.


Business, Software, Technology


B2B, Restaurants

Date published

June 11, 2016