Being a reliable partner is our credo

For us as a company is vital to help you to develop the right business logic, launch efficient MVPs or full functional projects, stable and scalable applications and to keep you safe from potential technical risks you may face with.

Understanding of your requirements, objectives and final scope is important to us. We listen and work together to create a trully unique objectives and unforgettable important experiences when you work with our trained and competent team.

Business Analysis

We are sure that smart gathering of requirements and efficient analysis is a key to the successful project implementation. This is one of the most important and sensitive phases in the project development life cycle.

Interface Design

We will help you create awesome designs and best UI/UX.


With agile mindset and engineering approach we develop working products but not just a blind following project specifications with inefficient and not clear requirements.

Software Quality Assurance

Our company provides a full range of services related to the testing and quality control of web projects and mobile apps. These services are designed due to price-quality principle, that’s why they ensure the maximal result of your investments, improving the quality of your IT product.

System administration and Devops

We have strong Devops/System administators in our team who will help to setup, configure and optimize your servers and the load.

2D/3D Modeling with WebGL

If your web application needs an interactive graphics to be shown in a usual browser that's exactly what we can deliver to you.

3D modeling, animation and rendering with 3Ds Max

Our team has very serious expertise in 3D modeling, 3D rendering, interactive 3D tours, concept design, video animation, landscape design, interrion/exterrior visualisation, product design.

Meet The Team

We are proud of our talents.


Ex PHP developer, Sales manager, Project Manager and certified SCRUM master with around 9 years of experience. The guy who leads the company and finds the best projects for our team.

Front End Developer

React and React Native guru. He spends his every free minute on learning new technologies.

Back End Developer

PHP developer. Laravel, Lumen, WordPress, OpenCart, TYPO3 - this is just a small list of what he is capable of.

Front End Developer

Master of CSS/HTML and JavaScript. Vue.js and React.Js are his best friends.

React.Js/React Native/Node.Js and Back End Developer

PHP Developer. Passionate about JavaScript and Machine learning.

3D visualization and animation expert

Vladimyr is able to visualize everything you could imaging. Starting from creation of a product visual representation, interior/exterior design and video animation and effects.

PHP/React.Js/Node.Js developer

Roman has a good backend background in PHP (Laravel, OXID Shop, OpenCart, WordPress) on one hand and on another hand he is moving to React.Js and Node.Js stack.

Front End developer

Vladimir has a wide experience in Front End. He is a strong dev in React/React Native and Angular

Front End developer

Rakheb is a young blood in our team, who is focused to become a super star dev in React.js and React Native

Back End Developer

Senior PHP developer: Laravel, Lumen, Symphony.

Front End developer

Alexandr is our React.js/React Native developer and a great member of the team.

QA engineer

Vladislav is a person who will find all bugs and issues in the product or service. He is good at crossbrowsers compatibility, web and mobile application testing, autotest.

Why Choose Us?

The answer is simple. Bacause you will find something exciting in your life if you don't pass us by.

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Technology stack

Ruby on Rails

Find a perfect Experience

Solutions customized to meet your needs.

Dedicated teams

The best option for fast growing startups and serious businesses who needs to be the first on the market and always be able to react immediately. Products developed by dedicated teams are usually delivered faster on the market and with better quality.


Good solution for the start of the business, growing your team and support.

Hourly & Misc.

This option provides more flexibility for you. You wouldn't be worry about the load of a developer like in outstaffing option and you will pay only for actual time spent, not as in a fixed price option, where risks are usually applied in the estimates.

Set of hours

We offer the possibility to buy a set of man hours in advance. These hours can be allocated to a different developers with the flexibility to change technologies and expertise when you need this.

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